Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lumsing Ultrathin Backlit Keyboard Ipad Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard 3.0

This Lumsing Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard has 78 keys. The keys are slightly smaller than those of a full-size keyboard, but still large enough for comfortable typing.

Included are one Ctrl key and one Alt (both on the left side), and two Shifts. The keyboard also has both Delete and Backspace keys. Tablet-oriented keyboards often leave out Backspace, which is silly considering how much more most of us use it than Delete.

The keyboard also has dedicated "IE" and "Mail" keys at right of the Spacebar. IE launches the user's choice of web browser and mail launches the email client of choice. At the top row, the Function keys perform useful shortcuts like Search, Copy, Paste, Rewind/Play/Fast-forward, and Volume Up and Down. No need to hold the Fn key to activate these shortcuts on Android. But Fn + Delete will toggle the screen on or off, and Fn + Ctrl switches to software keyboard.

The keyboard defaults to Android mode, but it also has several platform-specific key combinations for Windows and iOS. Fn + W or E will switch to those modes.

The process of connecting the Lumsing Ultrathin Keyboard to an Android device is fairly simple:

Go to Settings and select Bluetooth.
Turn Bluetooth on.
Switch on the keyboard and press the Bluetooth button. The Bluetooth LED should start blinking.
After Android detects the keyboard, select it and Android will send a pairing request.
Android will display a series of six numbers for you to type on the keyboard. After typing them, don't forget to press Enter.
After a few seconds, the keyboard should be paired with Android. You're ready to type emails and leave positive comments on our articles!
You can test the keyboard by pressing Escape, which should back you out of the Bluetooth menu. Enjoy typing in various apps with keyboard support, or use keyboard shortcuts to launch apps and perform shortcuts within supported apps.
The Lumsing Ultrathin Wireless Keyboard is a really slick accessory. It strikes just the right balance between size and function, with keys that are comfortable to use despite the keyboard's small footprint. It works with any Bluetooth-enabled tablet you throw at it, regardless of the platform.

The only thing I could want from this particular Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard is a case of some sort. It doesn't come with one, so users will have to protect the keyboard on their own. But Lumsing says the keyboard is water-proof and dustproof, so it shouldn't be too hard to keep in working order.

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